I am the founder and host of the A11y Rules Podcast. The A11y *, or Accessibility, Rules Podcast focuses on conversations around web accessibility.

I have interviewed nearly 200 people since 2017. The show is very popular, particularly in the disability community and in the accessibility community.

As these are podcasts talking about accessibility, I’ve made sure the show is accessible. Every episode has a text transcript on the page for the episode. These transcripts are human edited for accuracy. Whether you have an access need because audio is hard to process for you, or you’re in a hurry and read faster than listen, I’ve got you covered!

Two series

A11y Rules Logo - A stylized a with the words a11y rules stacked beside the a.

A11y Rules Soundbites

Short interviews with disabled people. We discuss what their disability is. What barriers they encounter on the web. And what message they have for designers and developers.

It is very powerful to hear about access issues in the words of disabled people. This podcast series highlights accessibility issues beyond the typical ones. This is all about "what should we focus on beyond WCAG conformance".

Check out the A11y Rules Soundbite

A11y Rules Logo - A stylized a with the words a11y rules stacked beside the a.

A11y Rules Interviews with accessibility pros

Long form interviews with accessibility professionals. We discuss a wide range of topics, from defining accessibility to discussing important issues found in the world of accessibility, the conversations are fascinating!

Check out the A11y Rules original series

Special episodes

I also moderated panel discussions for special episodes highlighting Global Accessibility Awareness Day


The podcast name refers to the word “accessibility” by using a common numeronym in the accessibility community. Numeronyms take the first and last letter of a word, and add the number of letters in between.

There are 11 letters between the letters “a” and “y” in the word accessibility. So we get a+11+y, which reads a11y.

There are other common numeronyms in tech, such as i18n (internationalization), l10n (localization ), or p13n (personalization). Back to top.