Exploring accessibility and inclusion

Screenshot of a change password screen with 3 inputs labelled current password, new password, and confirm new password. There is text in red that says Your password has been successfully changed, and an ok button.

Red means stop

22 May 2023

Red text often has negative implications. Be careful when you use it.
Three fake traffic sign with orange background and black lettering stating I am sorry, Please forgive me, and Thank you.

An apology from AccessiBe

12 May 2023

I deconstruct AccessiBe's apology about toxic communications with the disability community.
Hands of a woman of color typing on a blue keyboard of a Microsoft Surface tablet.

Don't skip the skip links

10 May 2023

I explain some important aspects of using skip links correctly to improve accessibility and usability.
A white woman viewed from the back, working at a computer with a large screen.

Accessibility spec work

08 May 2023

Pay people you want working with you. Free accessibility advice isn't good for anyone. Don't be pushy. I won't work with toxic clients!